Never put your expectations too high, Unless you wanna fall down and cry. Life will surely keep moving on And your loved ones will soon be gone. In the end , maybe you will understand That you should always stay on the land I know that the stars can be reached for sure But don’t […]



We forget the ones who help us ride, this beautiful journey of our life . We forget the ones who were always there, when we thought that life was never fair. We forget the ones who make us smile, and help us make our journey worthwhile. We forget the ones who help us grow, when […]

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Gloomy days

You know I am depressed, ‘cos I don’t look the same. The eyes that shone, expressing the brilliance they own. I hope you know that something isn’t right, I look much darker than a starless night. All I want is someone to say- “Don’t worry it’ll be alright. Life is a game that has to […]

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The one❣️

When you turn around and see no one, You reach for the phone and call my cell. I pick it up and say- what’s up love? You think and say- I’m completely well. I reply- hey! what is wrong? You sigh and say- I’ m just playing along. You know I don’t like when you […]

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New year🤘

We came to the school with everything we need New books,bags and an urge to succeed. This year I know will help us grow as we will all do well in order to excel. We leave the past behind as we know we are assigned to make this world a place which has civility and […]

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